At Varjo we create hardware and software experiences to fulfill our vision of immersive computing. The mixed reality experiences we are creating will empower each of us to be more creative and more productive.

We want to work with the best – we want you to join us. We are offering you an exciting position where you can see into the future and play your part in shaping it.

When we are done, computers will look nothing like what they do right now.


Computational Vision lead

A device with eyes and sensors is useless without the knowledge of how to process the data it captures.
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Our project managers keep the trains running on schedule and the team moving in the same direction.
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Our digital artists lead the creation of the visuals that our users will see.
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Prototype Maker

Our prototype makers help us to prove that dreams can be turned into reality.
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Miniature Mechatronics Expert

Our mechatronics experts help us to build innovative interfaces between the human and the machine. 
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Stay tuned: we will open more positions soon.